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Job Recruitment's Germany

Job Recruitment’s Germany: Germany has amazing working conditions. German employees enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world, generous benefits, and state-mandated job protection. In some industries, working hours have been reduced to 35 hours/week.Along with this, it enjoys some of the longest holidays in the EU, with a combined total of 40 days coming from agreed annual leave and public holidays. The country has also held up a lot better throughout the ongoing global recession than many of its European and Western counterparts. As of July 2013 Job Recruitment’s Germany, it has an unemployment rate of 6.8%, which is just over half the European average of 12.1%. There are large regional differences in the German labor market. Employment levels are higher in the West of Germany than the East (with the exception of Berlin and the South of the former German Democratic Republic). Unemployment is generally more widespread in rural areas than cities. Traditional German heavy industries such as mining, construction, and shipbuilding have high structural unemployment, while jobs are more plentiful in service industries.If you’re a native English-speaker, don’t expect it to be a big advantage in the job market.


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